Jegan M


Recalling memories

Biligundala, a valley once filled with tamarind trees is inhabited by fishermen community who is completely dependent on the forest and river Kaveri for their survival. Due to various restrictions laid, inadequateness of resources that followed, and changes in the structure of land people started migrating to nearby Urban areas. They yet have strong associations with their homeland. . The project initiated from a constant response (amongst other needs) it got from young villagers when asked - what will make them stay, to which most of them said “If we could bring back the days from my childhood we will stay”. The project intends to use spatial inserts as portals that capture or commemorate collective memories of the place that a community holds. Abstractly, it uses a connector (a stone wall) that runs stops and extends. Together, the portals and their connectors try to demonstrate how landscape memories may be able to re-establish a lost sense of belongingness people have towards their village.

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Report Content

Traces : Tracing land and water

Landscape grain and sections

Anomalies : Lost and Remaining memories

Vision : Imagining a Village of childhood memories

Shift in memories with in the landscape

Palimpsest as a tool : A True palimpsest

Initial ideas and sketches showing prominence in the memories of community from the landscapes of past

Master plan and isometric view

Abstract drawing of connectors and Toolkit for stone walls