Faculty: Divya Shah

TA: Sankalpa Patel

Tracing Lines

The studio considers Indian rural contexts and its present-day complexities through readings of the place, people & their existence as its premise. It acknowledges the indigenous rural lands as distinctive cultural landscapes that are closely evolved and deeply knitted to its natural processes. Indigenous landscapes narrate & hold cultural histories, knowledge systems & collective memories that establish a strong sense of belonging,pride & identity in people to their place. This time, the studio confronts the loss of identity & ‘in-adequateness’ of opportunities that is dominating in such places that comes with the mainstream thoughts, aspirations, & current norms of development leading to issues like displacement & distress migration .
Considering this premise, the studio attempts to develop specific methods for recording indigenous landscapes through readings of - place,people & their culture systems. This is articulated through spatial mapping, interpretation of myths & narratives of the place, derivation of motifs, and conjectural stands that address the present-day complexities. The process is advanced to develop context specific landscape visions which displays strong empathy towards ecology, culture, & community to generate innovative & sustainable methods of development.

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Studio Unit

00- Studio Introduction and process

01 - Traces and Accretions

02 - Anomalies and Vision

03 - Design Program and Idea of a landscape palimpsest

04 - Imagining, crafting and visualizing a landscape insert