Gayatri Shriniwas Arkal


A Journey through Magical Lands

A journey through Magical lands takes us to the 4 different states  which has stories to teach. First the Kerala Kingdom where  knowledge of Narrative Crafts is gained. Further it moves to Uttarakhand Kingdom where oral traditions are studied in order to restore them. Then comes the meet with designers Swati Rout and George Attokaran in Karnataka Kingdom which explains the process of crafting objects. These stories further led to exhibition design in Maharashtra Kingdom with the theme of experimentation in making of the form and technique of objects.  To experience the whole journey click the link below :

Report Content

Co-Narrate helps to understand the Kerala Murals, one of the Narrative craft and depict our story in the style of that craft. The Canvas helps to understand the stroke flow and composition of Kerala Murals which is further applied to build the lockdown story as storyboard in Kerala Mural style.

Tradition Matters takes us in understanding the oral traditions of our peer which is supported by a visual mood board of Ojasva.

Those traditional dishes are further documented in recipe booklet format.

Crafting Stories basically deals with the story of interaction with designers Swati Rout and George Attokaran who create craft products. This interaction helps to understanding their ideology in process of making objects. Further based on the designer principles or methods a children's storybook is designed.

The children's storybook with the idea of Eartha and Sky nations inspired by the idea of updown studio which is based on bringing Sky on Earth

Curating objects is the collection of the objects for exhibition design. The Curatorial Sequence is the arrangement of the collected objects under the theme of Exploration in form or technique with respect to materials

Theme of the exhibition based on selection of objects which are experimented with materials in its form, technique or both the form and technique, to create a unique set of speculating objects. This exhibition had the collection of objects, where a new way of Crafting is introduced. While the design of these craft objects would allows the craft to thrive and at the same time get connected to people with interesting set of stories.

Island 1 - Terracotta Island : This island with a set of terracotta objects. The selected objects have unique form and are used as terrarium planters. So the theme of the surrounding is inspired from the terrarium. Island 2 - Marble island : This island with the set of marble carved and glass fixtures with unique form and technique of making them. As the objects are light fixtures the space has some dark theme such that the lights and its spatial quality should guide the users .

Island 3 - Glass island : This island with a set of tables made out of different technique or using same olden traditional joints to build entire table with boults. Some of the tables have shaded glass at its top which creates colorful reflections so same theme is used for the quality of the space and the it is also surrounded with the water fall which allows the refection's and refraction of light within the space. Island 4 - wooden island : This island with a set of weaved object with different materials providing a different sense of experience while using it. The roof of this space is weaved roof to a jali which creates a irregular patterns reflections on the ground.

Island 5 - Wicker island : This island with a set of wicker weaved objects which are evolved from curved and organic forms. This helped to design the undulating wicker roof which has curved pattern. to differentiate the objects from the roof the flooring is made up of grey gravels and dark grey granite tiles. Which add the contrast to the space. Island 6 - bamboo island : This island with a set of all the objects made out of wood or bamboo but used the property of tensile strength and bent to it’s extreme ends which gives a different view towards the object so the space also has wooden roof and dark wooden curved platform which is bent till the extreme end and creates an undulating feeling to the space. The darker wood of the platform provides contrast to the space. Also the wood used for platform nd for roof are different in colors to create wooden feeling to the space but not a monochrome space.