Faculty: Jay Thakkar | Shreya Nanavaty

TA: Kamna Vyas

Celebrating Crafts

In India, within the rural and semi-urban context, the crafts are a way of life and an integral part of the lifestyle. Craft Bazar or haat or craft mela is the common sightings in such context. But within the urban context, the craft has to redefine itself. In the recent decade, crafts are bringing a new wave of creating a material culture and emerging as a collaborative and sustainable practice. It is time to celebrate this emergence of crafts, globally as well as within India by bringing them to the public domain. This studio is an attempt to know, understand, and represent the traditional and contemporary craft practice in the format of the public display. Its time to bring the essence of the festive spirits of crafts within the urban life and its interiors. The interesting part of this studio is that student will be able to evolve their own context. This multidisciplinary studio will be an amalgamation of crafts, graphic design, environmental graphics and exhibition design. In order to understand the various nuances of crafts, various experts as well as craftspeople will be invited for interactions and presentations throughout the semester. The representation will be in a narrative style drawing references from various traditional art and crafts forms.

Studio Unit