Pulkit Jain


Journey of my emotions

A human mind is a complex warfare of emotions. It is what deciphers us from the nonliving, these emotions make us spiritually and mentally humane and require constant healing. 
This semester was a rollercoaster ride full of emotions. From my love for food, the happiness of learning a new traditional narrative craft,  admiration for the works of Studio Smitamoksh to unraveling the emotions through curating various nuances of an exhibition, I have experienced it all. 
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Report Content

LOVE- The aim of the first activity was to learn about the different traditional cuisines prepared during festivals and their connections to family and culture. The aim is to gain a better understanding of culture through food. of my peer Saylee’s family. Investigating and studying the significance of the dishes that are specially made for the festival and the context around it through interviews and video calls with Saylee’s family

MIRTH- An experience of learning a new traditional narrative craft and studying it in detail in the second exercise was a happy ride of its own. The narrative craft which I studied was TALA PATTACHITRA of ORISSA which became the base for this assignment. The intent was to create a visual narrative using the style of the chosen craft. The content of the narrative is my journey, events, and emotions experienced through the course of the pandemic.

WONDER- Admiring, developing and designing storybooks for children based on the life and practice of the designers Smita Thapar and Moksh Thapar was surely the most wonderful part. 

The idea was to develop educational content to foster and harness the value of craft and design among young children. The story book were to be directly inspired from the principles of the Studio Smita Moksh such that it becomes a book of great knowledge, preservation and also fun.

The object cards will represent each object as a valuable resource of collections. Each object card has a label. The object label will has the following data along with the object photograph: Name, place, craft, caption, the story of that object and the credits. These cards are carry away cards such that visitors get to know about the product more and thus they can take the experience of the exhibiton in the form of these object cards The poster will represents the style of the exhibition and the kind of content the viewer shall be seeing and experiencing

The curatorial sequence showing the sequence of objects and full site showing the microenvironments interacting with the objects forming a cycle backed by the theory of Samsara

PANCHRAS The 3 scrolls of each cluster Representation inspired from the works of SmitaMoksh Studio and Miniature painting of Rajasthan

THE CLUSTER OF POWER RAS- VEER EMOTIONS OF VALOUR COLOR- YELLOW The scroll of power..the stories of objects portraying valour, and establishment of something powerful...as one moves forward on the path the power of each object increases .

THE CLUSTER OF TERROR RAS-BHAYANAK RUDRAM EMOTIONS OF TERROR AND FURY COLOR- RED When The power increases the greed of the human kind terrorizes everyone with its fury scroll of terror .the stories of objects portraying fury and terror, From the stories of defense to betrayal the terror increases as one walks by

THE CLUSTER OF COMPASSION RAS-KARUNA EMOTIONS OF DISGUST AND COMPASSION COLOR- GREY Terror and fury has brought nothing but disgust to the world. Life takes a disgusting turn which eventually leads to the end of human realm dying Scroll of compassion After the disgust how a human seeks compassion in various karmic activities