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Yati Aggarwal


Her Story - Celebrating her story as a maker

H-  HONOUR.      E-  EMERGENCE.                                  R-  RECOGNITION
The exhibition aims to celebrate women as makers and not just consumers. To look at their journey of life through the lens of them weaving into the patriarchal society and then coming out of it through their hardship and courage. ‘Her. story’ is an initiative to bring different stories of women from across India in front of the public eye by exhibiting products made by them. For example, the exhibition will focus on their stories of beauty with a perspective of them as makers and not just users.

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Report Content

Ex 01: Tradition Matters (Understanding the different traditional food recipes to get more familiar with Indian culture)

Ex 02: Co- narrate (After a research on the narrative craft called 'Khovar and Sohrai', a timeline and a narrative board was made in similar style)

Ex 03: Crafting Stories (The story is about a little girl, Diti who loves making brooches. To find the perfect fabric for her mother’s brooch which she will gift her on her birthday, she finds an old sandook. The Maldhari comes out of it and asks her to wish for anything in return of his release. To get the right fabric, he took her to the colourful world of fabric. Inspired from the story of Diti Mistry)

Ex 04: Curating Objects (The theme for the exhibition design was inspired and influenced by the work of assigned craft designer. The theme for the exhibition was Her Story, which focuses on craft women as makers)

Ex 04: Curating Objects (Object Card: Snippets of Objects)

Ex 04: Curating Objects (Site selection, analysis and response)

Ex 05: Experiencing the Exhibition (The three thematic areas)

Ex 05: Experiencing the Exhibition (Her story of Honour: This thematic area talks about her story of honour, which highlights that a women not only wear jewllery but also make them. They wear them with honour beacuse they are the makers of it. The four jewellery piece designed by Musu Umbery of Arunachal Pradesh come under her story of beauty. The etopola and thuma crafted by Musu Umbrey come comes under her story of festivity because people in her community wear it during occasions. The theli and kapdu lies under her story of marriage)

Ex 05: Experiencing the Exhibition (Her story of Emergence: After getting married, a women enters a new phase of her life where everyhting is unkown to her. Here, she emerge as a new person by learning new about new cultures and meeting new family memebers. The thematic area displays the objects which come under her story of decoration where women of Ahir community in Kutch make these object and decorate there house with it. The fifth craft cluster is her story on cloth. Kantha embroidery and Chamba Rumal are the two craft which are mostly performed by women. They beautifully narrate story by doing embroidery on them)

Ex 05: Experiencing the Exhibition (Her story of Recognition: After her story on cloth, she now knows her capabilities and hence she finally steps out of her husbands house to explore the new world.This leads to her story of recogination. The Jaipur rug tells Kasturi Balotia’s story of empowerment as she gets nominated for Dezeen Award in homeware design category. The cushion design my Diti Mistry comes under her story of inspiration, where she has designed cushion covers from her travels. The last, the charpai and the tools of inspiration (another collection of cushion design) is stitched and upholestred by a gujrati women in collaboration of Italian designers which ends the exhibition with her story as a role model)