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Riddhi Tiwari


Yaadon Ki yatra Se Gyan Ki Prapti- A journey of memories

All the memories forms a union which thereby defines the term, 'Kshan Yog', i.e the moment of connection. Therefore. the idea to bridge the connection between contemporary and vernacular furniture develops where modern furniture grows up as a form that resides as a silent character into every household where its roots belong to the ages-old vernacular furniture and hence, takes forward the genes in terms of its uses and craft making. This evolution that occurred is reflected by variation in the objects(furniture) collected from different periods displayed at Ellis bridge which connects new and old sides of Ahmedabad city.

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The aim is to know about the various traditional cuisines made during the festivals and their relationship to the community, habitat, and culture. The idea is to understand the culture and rituals through the lens of cuisine prepared by my colleague's family during springtime.

The best way to understand a Madhubani painting is by imitating it on canvas. This becomes the base for this assignment where the representation of the journey or the routine of all the events during the last few months that occurred in the first wave of a pandemic was done in the style of Madhubani.

Developing and designing storybooks for children based on the life and practice of the designer 'Nehal Bhatt'. The idea was to develop educational content to foster and harness the value of craft and design among young children.

The objects chosen were based on the work of the designer 'Nehal Bhatt', where the contemporary and vernacular furniture were similar in terms of form and slightly differed in terms of function.

Accepted as an important art form, the contemporary craft is distinguished by new interpretations of traditional technique and style. Major of the time, this is achieved through a cohesive collaboration of designers, craftspeople, and other professionals. The craft objects would comprise the combination of the traditional as well as contemporary hence, the final objects cards created based on the extreme contrast in both form and function where objects represented as ‘Object Cards’ with labels along with the object photograph: Name, the story associated to it, caption describing the object, credits. Cards made in association with a theme where the roots of vernacular craft grew into a branch of contemporary craft.

Through the understanding of evolution in furniture- The curatorial narrative (sequence of craft objects) is organized to express thoughts related to the theme. Furthermore, The poster will represent the style of the exhibition and expresses the kind of content the viewer should be expecting. It will also have brief information about the exhibition, a title, tag line, date, venue, and time. Then sequence will inform the visitors about the exhibits and the large information about the micro-environment.

The overall view of micro - environment.

Detail 01: Expressing the Design decisions related to the stories associated with craft object, 'Palang' which belongs to freedom fighter Bhagat Singh.

Detail 02: Creating different pieces intended to showcase stories and architecture, crafts work, and geometries observed at the place where the craft object belongs to.

Detail 03: View of placing curated objects such that it gives viewers an idea of activities related to furniture and also gives a narration of craft work practiced in the area it belonged to.