Benett Benny Thomas


Expeditions in Non-Metal

Built spaces of today and the future requires more and more building products that are need and context-specific. All these encompass different perspectives of thinking in terms of material, manufacturing, standards, etc Throughout this course in the development of building products a common design process followed is : Space - People - PDS - Manufacturability - User Experience The studio with the help of tasks that builds on top of each other delves into the world of non-metals where I learned about various non-metal categories of materials, their manufacturing processes, existing building products and their applications. Using various methods to arrive at designs, 3d modelling, physical prototyping, sketching, etc while producing PDS, aesthetic refinement and technical drawings. 

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Report Content

The learning journey throughout the semester.

Exploration into wooden building product, exploring the Klemens Torggler door.

Technical drawings and prototype.

Exploration into generative design for a plastic and glass integrated wall mounted corner table.

Exploration into injection moulding and placements of Ribs and bosses using FEM analysis.

Technical drawing and final analysis.

Glass Building product design and detailing.

Technical drawings of the wall mounting components.

Glass Building product.

Final space created to house all the building products.