Faculty: Sadasivan Iyer

TA: Shagun Malavia

Expeditions In Non - Metal

The Built spaces (domestic or work) of today pose challenges to meet the need of specific products to be designed and manufactured. The products will have to meet the demands of life style and technology changes. This studio will introduce a design thinking process to find solutions for the products made of Nonmetals in the built environment. The modules/tasks planned in the studio will enhance the learning of materials; manufacturing, human factors etc. The learning process will enable the students to apply learned fundamental principles to multiple three-dimensional forms, structures, and products. Students will use various model making methods - Digital. Students will address the historical context of the design of products as they practice critical thinking, research, problem solving, and aesthetic refinement. Projects require sketches, models - Digital, written reports and oral presentations of the explorations on the identified products and systems. Students develop their individual creative process through the exploration and manipulation of materials and methods to express a visual response to themes or contents.

Studio Unit