Nanditha Meria Francis


Expeditions in Non-Metal

Modern built spaces are far more customised, ergonomic and waste-free. In the evolution of it, new building materials and new processes, in addition to new ways of thinking have played a significant role. The studio, “Expeditions in Non-metal” was an exploration of how different kinds of non-metals can be utilised for various purposes in the making of a purpose-built space. The task undertaken was insightful in learning the various kinds of non-metal materials, manufacturing processes & their applications for various purposes. It has also been helpful in conceptualising the space through sketching, technical drawing, 3D modelling, prototyping etc. while applying the PDS and attempting aesthetic refinement. 

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Introduction to Non-Metals

Cycle Stand

Wooden Prototype 1

Wooden Prototype 2

Hair Tool Holder

Plastic Prototype

Ceramic Nameplate & Glass Board

Handbag Holder

Display Rack

Space Render with Products