Uttara Haridas


4G Pol Houses

Every decade after the economic liberalization has seen many socio-cultural phenomena in India that has led to the introduction or evolution of new interior typologies. Ahmedabad, one of the World Heritage Cities identified by UNESCO, has witnessed a trend of outward migration of its youth, due to lack of sanitation and space for vehicular movement and parking among other issues. The identification of this phenomenon propels this project.This project identifies the Pol house, a characteristic of the Ahmedabad old city as a 4G typology that can morph into healthcare, office and retail units with plan based and additive interventions keeping in line with its incremental nature. It is an attempt to revitalize the old city not just for tourism, but to make it more self-sustained, encouraging more original residents to return and create a living heritage city.

Report Content

The Decadal Study of the 1990s in India

Identifying the phenomena of 'Outward Migration' in the Old City of Ahmedabad - Understanding the context

Introduction to Pol House and its Analysis

The proposal of 4G Interior Type for Ahmedabad Old City

Architectural Office Units

Healthcare Units- Doctor's and Dentist's Clinic

Apparel Retail and Lawyer's Office Units

Unisex Salon and Yoga Studio Units

Event Planner's Office and Gadget Retail Units

Plan based Interventions for Office and other Healthcare Units