Faculty: Madhav Raman

TA: Prakhar Saraswat

Finding 4G: Contemporary Indian Interior Types

The studio is based on the impetus interior architecture received from the 3 liberalisations witnessed over 3 decades in urban India i.e. economic liberalisation in the 1990s, lifestyle liberalisation in the 2000s and data liberalisation in the 2010s. The impetus created greater demand for various design practitioners as well as a proliferation of new urban interior typologies. These are identified as 1G (1st Generation), 2G (2nd Generation) and 3G (3rd Generation) of urban interior architecture typologies or types. The studio will attempt to evolve speculatively 4G typologies for the new Indian urban contexts.
Students will be presented with a conceptual framework for understanding evolving types and typologies in contemporary Indian urban interior architecture. They will analyse interfacial, technological and temporal aspects of types against evolving socio-cultural & economic behaviour and phenomena in urban India across the 3 decades. Students will be tasked with identifying and programming a speculative new urban interior type, forming a robust brief and designing a project for that typology in a well researched context.

Studio Unit

ID4011 : Finding 4G: Contemporary Indian Interior Types

Understanding the conceptual framework, identify and analyse specific urban typologies or types within each decadal period.

Diverse outcome according to different geographical sites.

Conceive new, emerging or alternative urban interior types for the next 10 years.

Interpretation of typologies.