Prachi Jindal


The Future of Kannauj Attar

Kannauj famous for distilling of scents is known as India’s perfume capital and is renowned for its traditional Kannauj Perfume. They follow the traditional method, a highly labor-intensive and time-consuming hydro-distillation process, called ‘deg bhapka’. The intention of the project was to develop an experiential retail cum perfumery on the highway that helps to enhance the luxury value of attar making in Kannauj and helps revive the industry. Attar making is a proto-industrial process with a rich canvas for experiential engagement. The proposal expands the landscape with which attar is engaged as a high value luxury product. 

Report Content

Introduction to the City

Attar Making in the past 3 decades in Kannauj

Current scenario of Attar making in Kannauj

Program Development

Space Planning and Interior Moodboard

Design Output: Exploded Isometric and Sectional Perspectives

Ground Floor, Interior Elevations 1 & 2

Ground Floor, Interior Elevations 3 & 4

First Floor, Interior Elevations 5 & 6

3D Visualizations

Project Video