Shruti Kohli


ROOTED: Back To Coarse And Sand

Amritsar- the heartland of Punjab and home place for "Mecca of Sikhs- Golden Temple" is the main tourist attraction across the world. Due exhaustion of agricultural lands and decreasing revenue generating sources, people of Punjab tended to migrate towards different countries across world and that too not only associated with agriculture but also other countries due to which there is a rich Sikh diaspora present in all directions of the world. The proposed typology looks at an inter dependent approach for the tourist and owner where tourist connects to his village roots & owner is supported economically and with knowledge.

Report Content

Introduction to the City of Amritsar and Its Culture

Life In And Around the City

Types of Houses Found in the Village

Proposed Plan

Details Of Tourist's Bedroom

Images Showing the Inspiration And Views of Various Spaces

Views Showing Various Details

Section Through Courtyard Showing View Towards Entrance

Longitudinal Section Showing Various Spaces

Details of Various Elements Proposed