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Thiyageshwar S.


EV Charging Station - A Typology alongside Highway

  My new typology will be an electric vehicle charging station alongside the Highway with Toll plaza as a site.  there are two types of user for this Typology. One is the commuter, who come to charge their E vehicle or to use the facilities. The other is the Local who will use the commercial and digital facilities.  The people who wants to charge also varies accordingly, so I have devised the functions like Café, Lounge and Motel. From quick 30 minutes charge or 1-2 hours charge. The people who wants to work while travel or to attend a quick meeting also use this place while charging their vehicle. And a function of Motel for overnight stay and charge. Then there is the commercial facilities of Local, it terms of Formal Retail shop and an informal space for vending perishable good to the travelers like fruits which is famous to that particular locality.

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