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Apurva Neeraj Pandey


Bombay Koli - Empowering the Indigenous Community

The project emphasizes on Empowering the Indigenous community, Kolis of Mumbai. The longevity of culture in a city is inherently dependent on transactions of people meeting and exchanging over the cultural activity. Kolis have always been outsiders to the city of Bombay but their umbilical connection with Bombay is through fish vending as the city demands fish. Hence, the typology intends to assert their cultural identity, which is the Interface with the non-Koli resident of Bombay as an invitation to the Koli culture. Space where an informal market also converts into a pandal for community celebrations and festivities. The typology also intends to offers services to society and business opportunities for young Kolis in the future. As the dominant face of the fish markets are the Koli women which gradually became the inspiration behind the logo of ‘Bombay Koli’.

Report Content

Illustrations showing life of Kolis in Bombay & Typology Introduction

Site Study

Site Plan & Area Program

Concept, Mood Board & Branding

Internal Fish Market

Informal Fish Market / Community Space

Koli Restaurant

Koli Kitchen / Cooking School



Project Video