Dhyey Ashish Chag



Paryatan is a speculative typology that guides the future of tourism industry in the city of Jamnagar. It lets one experience the uniqueness of existing ecology and marine landscape of the city. The project focuses on designing a jetty based circuit where the catamaran acts as a connecting vessel to different types of jetties around and the interiors in it lets one get the idea of craft, ecology and landscape of the city. Typology focuses on its character it being resilient towards the nature and its temporality.

Report Content

Story of Jamnagar Through Story Board and Site Visit

Case Studies and Analysis

Site and Area Programme

Jetty Plans and Views

Catamaran Structural Design, Exploded Iso and Area Programme

Catamaran Plans

Longitudinal Sections and Detailed Elements

Cross Sections and Detailed Elements

Element Details

3D Views

Project Video