Ankita Satpathy


The potter's studio

This project is looking at the city Bengaluru as the silicon valley which has an influence in the typical pottery community and updating itself to a  smarter process of pottery making. Pottery town covers an area of 2acres and has a majorly 3types of existing typologies in which stand-alone residences and workshops are present with a mix and match of the third type where a large production is carried in residence cum workshop typology. Studying the particular typology in detail the multilevel production areas are majorly dependent on storage spaces with the intensive process of production in the same. Finding their own aim towards the next decade with new technologies like 3d printing, jigger and jolly and automated machine by a few interactive sessions with the potters. Mapping the whole production is sustainable in its own process the community people aim at compact spaces where the production of pottery can be made more interactive with clients. The spaces in the project carry a volumetric division of production with a void for storage which can act as a display to the viewer. The amalgamation of such inside-to-outside interiors contributes an architectural vision as well.

Report Content

study of Bengaluru through the decades

Understanding the community-The pottery town

Existing typologies

Identification of the typology

space division and planning

Exploded isometric

Sectional perspective

3D visualizations

3D visualizations

3D visualizations