Sri Sailesh A


Post-Pandemic Office Space

Work from home is becoming the new normal and this situation seems to be continued in the years ahead. On the other side there are advantages and dis-advantages faced both by employees and the Organization because of Work from home, which lead the way for identifying a new typology. Also because of urbanization of the peri-Urban areas, depletion of water table is evidently seen and it is revived because of the new typology. Discussion and meeting spaces are becoming the current need and this project is dealt with transforming resorts & farm houses of Chennai into a new Office space.

Report Content

Story board showing a permanent transformation of work style (Advantages and dis-advantages of WFH)

Story board explaining the post-liberalization phenomena and ecology of Chennai

Studies on existing features of Resorts and its adaptability to the new office space

Site details and map of Chennai showing OMR (Offices, restaurants and apartments) and ECR (Resorts and entertainment)

Birds-eye view of the new office space

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

Sectional Perspective showing the transformed spaces

Views showing avatars of different spaces

Views showing avatars of different spaces