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Harsh Barua


Living and Breathing Interiors - 4G residential typology

NOIDA, a city that was established with the purpose to decentralize the industries from Delhi has seen drastic changes in its city structure over the decades. Phenomena like industrialization, human-migration, concretization has caused the city to go through some extreme changes in its topography and ecology. Gradually over the decades, a concrete jungle has taken over the naturally occurring green and this loss of green affects the well being of the dwellers in the city. This project identifies a building typology in NOIDA and attempts to reimagine a space that compensates for the loss of green occurring in the city.

Report Content

Understanding NOIDA as a city, its origin and evolution

Understanding the topography and the land use data of the city

Fixating on the site location and understanding the change in ecology and its relation with the building typology

Identifying the residential typology around the site

Understanding the salient features of the site

Identifying the plan and noticing the patterns and typologies within on a smaller scale

Preparing an adjacency chart and an area programme by taking clues from the plan and tower layout

Defining the design proposal. Creating an environment with living elements as the interior design

Formulating systems and design elements of the interior design

Translating the design concept through 3D renders