Faculty: Kaulav Bhagat | Samir bhagvatlal Bhatt

TA: Tanushree Solanki

Furniture for Interior Spaces : Transformable

The population growth and escalating market prices are pushing occupants to move into smaller spaces in big cities. Living spaces have become smaller and more expensive in the current scenario. Concepts like Compact housing, Row housing, studio/ service apartments, Co-living, Co-Living/ PG accommodation have become widely popular and affordable solutions amongst masses. But at the same time the basic human needs for a healthy and peaceful living are still the same- comfort and convenience, clutter free spaces, ease in performing day to day activities, privacy, ease in maintenance of living spaces and the feeling of spaciousness.
Furniture occupies more than half of the floor space and thus plays a pivotal role in organising the space. It has the potential to bring harmony into compact spaces through smart and space saving solutions and hence role of a furniture designer is very crucial.
This studio aims at making folding furniture for small spaces. It also intends to explore the understanding of mass/ batch production along with unique, custom design development of the furniture. The emphasis will be on developing precise details and mechanisms for the smooth functioning of the folding furniture.

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Stages of studio process

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