Ahana Sen


Modular Kiosk System

The aim of this project was to design a Modular Kiosk System to cater to the brands/ companies who trade in semi-prepared food items, that does not require cooking and is served with minimum preparation (like heating, cooling, plating, mixing, etc.) for mostly indoor locations like malls, airports, etc. The idea of the kiosk is to increase the brand presence and enhance public relations. The need for such a kiosk is to encourage and maintain homogeneity and uniformity in a given space, but with the given option of customization in this system, as per the various factors and needs of the users, the purpose of the kiosk is fulfilled. The parametric nature and digital fabrication processes involved in the making of the kiosk makes it not only modular, but also easy to assemble and easy maintenance. Designed for people in general, whoever visits/ uses such spaces.   

Report Content

Bookshelf Design : The Levin shelf

Bookshelf Design : The Levin shelf

Parametric Cube : Infinity Cube

Classic Chair Customization

Modular Kiosk System : Study & Analysis

Modular Kiosk System : Analysis, Concepts & Explorations

Modular Kiosk System : The Final System

Modular Kiosk System : Overall structure

Modular Kiosk System : With the sub-assemblies

Modular Kiosk System : Views

Project Video