Faculty: Anand Belhe | Rudrapalsinh Solanki

TA: Adnan Makda

Furniture Mass Customization using Digital Design Process

The design process in the furniture industry does not occur in isolation: in the definition of the formal characteristics of the product/system, the designer must engage the manufacturers and the market. In the present time, a transition period from mass production to mass customization, it is necessary to debate the impact of new variables in the design process and the redefinition of their performers’ role. As digital design is increasing its impact among the design community, redefining design and production practices, it becomes important to assess its role as a domain to contribute to the establishment of mass customization in the furniture industry.

The use of digital design media in the process of designing has contributed to the definition of the role of the designer. Computers are no longer used only to provide an accurate representation of a design, but also to generate, evaluate, and provide information to automatically produce artifacts. These facts raise issues on the designer's performance, particularly concerning the nature of interactivity with the media and the type of control of the design process.