Faculty: Vinai Kumar | Sagar Modh | Vrushank Vyas

TA: Prachi Nagar | Paramdeep singh Dayani | Prachi Nagar | Paramdeep singh Dayani

Simple Products for Interiors of the Build Spaces

To visualize, design and develop Simple Products for Interiors of the Build Spaces and to arrive at the need based products, which facilitate the user.
• To design the Product form with advance technology, advance material explorations and it’s applications in design.
• Identifying the User, Users need, expectations and features of the product to develop the design.
• This studio aims at design and developing Building Product for the interior Built spaces. The emphasis of the studio will be on the advance technology and based on the design process, visualization, idealization and making of the real scale prototype, technical drawing with required details.
• The Interior spaces and functional requirements of the Built spaces and activities in it will become reference and starting point for the studio.
• The product shall offer the choice to the users about different configurations, color schemes, finishes etc. With cost consideration.
• Students will use Product design considerations i.e. Form making, Functional criteria, Usability, Ergonomic, systems, visual language, technical and functional innovations, etc. to fulfill the particular need.
• This studio project will use the advance facilities of model making, prototype building and testing of the products.