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Prashanth Hebbar


Cookfit (a kitchen solution for different user heights)

Problem identification- In residential apartment kitchens, kitchen counter heights are not only the same for all the multitude of activities performed, but also for people of different heights using the same kitchen countertop. This is causing a variety of problems such as discomfort, physical pain, and fatigue while working.
Design Brief- To design a 'multiple user-friendly' kitchen system for residential apartments that would enable people of different heights and requirements to comfortably perform various activities in the same kitchen while maintaining an optimal posture that does not strain the body or cause injury in the long run. The system should cater to user's individual counter height needs, countertop preferences, and storage requirements that are easy to use have simple and straightforward mechanisms, and are affordable.

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Report Content

Research and problem identification

Casestudy, user study, parallel product

Design brief and ideation of the concepts

Design and detailing

Product details

Product details

Fixing of the product and working mockups




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