Kushani Mehta


A Deployable Structure - HoberDome

HOBER DOME Is a Deployable Structure, which can be easily transported due to its ability to transform to a smaller volume. The concept was to move things along a sphere , therefore the form has been abstracted from Twist Sphere Toy designed by Chuck Hoberman. The Structure has a Pivot Mechanism through which it transforms in size. The HOBER DOME can be used for multiple temporary events which run for a day to 3-4 days. One can host exhibitions or art galleries, or promotional events. The product comes with a Kit of Parts by which one can deploy the structure. 

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Report Content

Transformation Puzzles

Form Analysis and Propagations

Understanding Toy - Twist Sphere and Application

Concept, Site and User

Orthographic Projections and Exploded View

Component Drawings and Joineries

Steps of Deploying the Structure on Site

Mock Up Model (1:5 Scale)

Rendered View

Rendered View

Project Video