Kinshuk Adeshra


Spike Hike Chair

The spike hike chair is a lounge chair which offers multiple comfortable seating positions and which can be digitally fabricated and made at home with easy to source materials.The structural system of the chair was derived using geometric principles of the Archimedean solid- Rhombicuboctahedron. The derived system allows to give structure to various dynamic surfaces which can be used for different functions. To create a comfortable seating element, a dynamic surface was designed after ergonomic studies and later merged with the derived system to create the Spike Hike Chair.

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Report Content

Transformation Puzzle- Folding

Transformation Puzzle- Folding

Transformation Puzzle- Clipping

Transformation Puzzle- Clipping

Decoding Geometry/Principles

Design Decision Making Process

Final Design Concept

Final Design Orthographic Projections

Final Design Manual

Final Design 1:1 Mock Up

Project Video