Archi Shah


Tetra- Modular Exhibition System

The concept behind designing the exhibition system was to make it modular. In design colleges, exhibitions are usually held on a regular basis. It is commonly observed that the display system used doesn’t always cater for the work efficiently. Hence, stools and desks are used to display models. Keeping this problem in mind, Tetra- Modular Exhibition System caters to displayed sheets and 3D models aptly. A single node is used as the joint to connect all the linear members to put up the system. The modular nature of the system helps the user dismantle it after the exhibition is over and store/ transfer the parts in compact spaces. The user can easily assemble and dismantle the system with the help of the user manual.  

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Report Content

Transformation Puzzel - Clipping

Transformation Puzzel - Addition and Subtraction

Transformation Puzzel - Folding

Form Analysis & Decoding Geometry

Design Decision Process Making

Final Design Concept

Orthographic Projections

System Propagation

System Assembly