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Daisy - The Day's Eye

My site is located in Indore (MP) at the airport road. It is a small stone factory of 50' by 70' sq ft. Currently is used as a workshop space where no proper shade is provided. 
Design intends on making a Device which can provide shade from the harsh sun while bringing in some Indirect light (keeping in mind the workshop based activities). It also acts as an Installation.  
Technology such as Microcontrollers and sensors (Light dependent resistors) and Shape Memory Effect (Shape memory alloy) with a climatic study is used to achieve it. 
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Location - Airport Road, Indore (MP). Site - A small stone factory ( 50' by 70') Design - A shading device

Proposal One - Linear Shading Device Exploring form and function.

Analyzing origami and it's geometry. Panels open and close state and improvising the form into Geodesic Dome Study.

After finalizing the form, Some process models to finalize the mechanism. (Rack and Pinion ) Incorporating microcontrollers and sensors (LDR's) for reading Lux level and working accordingly

Simulations and Sun study of design throughout the day

Final Drawings of the Geodesic Dome. (Daisy)

Reflected Ceiling Plan and Section AA'

Details and Joinery. Opening and Closing of panels

Final model - Microcontrollers and Shape Memory Effect .

Have a glimpse of the project. Hope you enjoyed the view.

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