Faculty: Gouthama Dm | Janani S

TA: Shivani Natu

Inside Outside – Performative Envelopes

Inside Outside - Performative envelopes

Building facade skin is the medium which divides the interior and the exterior. As interior designers, there is a need to exploit the potential of the skin to enhance the interior environment but at the same time creating a responsive exterior facade. Technological intervention is used as a tool to improve the efficiency of the design. Students will focus on a fresh approach to interior design through the perspective of integrating daylighting, climate responsiveness, interactive structures which further add to the aesthetics and performance of the spaces inside.

Students have to answer the question ‘How to use technology to enhance the interior environment?”, " How facade plays a vital role in interior systems?" The objective of the studio is to expand student thinking and open up to the myriad possibilities in performative envelope interior design.

Students will work specifically on the element BUILDING SKIN and explore various aspects of the same through material properties, mechanics, climate science. The students will be taught basics of microcontrollers, material-sensitive products and provided with a kit to work on miniature scaled models of a performative facade suitable to their chosen context.

Studio Unit

INSIDEOUTSIDE Performative Envelopes introductioon

site & Climate study

concept & mechanical systems

Intelligent system exploration

Design development & conclusion