Maitreya Pathak



This semester, we looked into performative elements for the built environment, improving the efficiency of existing methods employed. My site has very low illuminance even in broad daylight, for resolving the same I opted for the skylight as the passive strategy and added a parabolic reflector which is actively tracking the sun to let in maximum sunlight inside the showroom. I also developed the light for diffusing the incoming light which is suited for a car showroom. Full Portfolio on the drive....Youtube Channel For Videos

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Report Content

Site Pictures and Why I chose this particular site.

Detailed Site Analysis(Sun path ) and Site simulations(Velux-simulations and Annual Daylight Factors without intervention)

Case Studies related to innovative Daylighting( Renzo Piano and Jean Nouvel)

Process- First design analysis and shortcomings( Hotspots, visual glare) which led to a light Pipe diffuser system for distribution of light, and trying out different fenestration options and its effect on the daylighting.

Finalizing on passive technique of Skylight to bring in light and making it performative using a parabolic reflector which Tracks the sun to give maximum Solar penetration throughout the day. Also analysis on shape of the skylight and the mechanism for the same.

Exploded View with Part table (Top drawing). Site Mounting Sheet (Bottom sheet)

Detailed overview of the skylight with part callouts(Top Sheet). Dimensions of the skylight (Bottom Sheet).

Technical drawings for the mechanism used in the Skylight (Top Sheet). Manufacturing Drawings for the sheet metal housing with bend table (Middle sheet) Manufacturing drawings for Metal Cap (Bottom Sheet)

Post intervention Simulations (Velux-Simulations) and Annual daylight factor post intervention. Also Highlighting the importance of light Guide duct for diffused light though multiple reflection shown in bottom of the sheet.

Final Product renders and Site Renders with Before and After Visualization in Rendering Software

Project Video