Modasiya Mo Zeeyan Salauddin


From the Dim to the Sun.

My site is the double-heighted dining room in a residential house located at Modasa, Gujarat. This space has a very low illumination level even in harsh daylight. The design intends to provide interior space with better light quality by designing a performative envelope with technology. This design is a performative roofing system having louvers as an element, which provide natural light to the space. The louvers respond to natural sunlight by technology such as microcontrollers, motors, sensors and sun tracker, where the sun tracker is designed specifically to actively track the sun with the help of climate study. Dome exploration

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Site analysis

Design brief


Design idea, Drawings and Renders.

Design idea and details.

Explanation of coding, circuit diagram and electronic components.

Explanation of working process.

Photos of final working model.

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