Kshanika Patel



ASEHYA in urdu means un-heating. This project is aimed at finding a way to reduce the amount of heat into a space aesthetically through an intervention using kinetics, mechanisms and technological advances like shape memory alloys and light dependent resistors. I believe that rather than a simple elementary intervention for a space, adding technological elements enhances the overall experience of the user as well as makes it way more efficient. The process went from choosing a site, understanding the issues that needed to be tackled through detailed climatic study and analysis, exploring various kinematics and design ideas and finally incorporating technological assistance to the final design.

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Report Content

Initial site analysis for basic understanding of the context and climatic factors

Detailed simulation study for the heat gain on the sight at different times of the day

looking at various case studies and developing an idea for the direction of approach

Exploring various forms and motions for the design and studying different types of mechanisms to find a way to operate them externally

Detailed study of the motion and increase/ decrease in the area of openings of the final design idea

Detailed study of the path followed by the modules to design a strong secondary support system for the same.

plans of the site with the location of intervention in different positions

elevations and details of the site with intervention

understanding the various layers coming together to form a single frame in the larger grid of the pargola intervention

Incorporating shape memory alloy- one way nitinol, through a simple circuit to enhance the efficiency of the overall design.

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