Trivedi Saumya Jayeshbhai


Solar Responsive Nursery System

This design is derived to provide an automated nursery system for the various types of plants belonging to the indoor or outdoor category.  As we know, the growth and survival of all these plants highly depend upon the amout of sunlight and shade provided to them as well as the balance between both. This dynamic system can function through micro controllers and solar sensors which allows the nursery to operate on its own by tracking the sun path and filtering the direct sunlight through multiple layers of panels therefore fulfilling the requirements of the individual plant groups. 

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Process and Components used to make this Design Functional

Site Analysis and Basic Conclusions

Site Analysis of the Existing Nursery

Relatable Case Studies

Technical Drawings Sun Path Response

Climatic Simulations and 3d Views

Contexual Renders of the Nursery

Physical models with Mechanism Detail and Arduino Integration

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