Saumya Khimesara


CADEIRA - A lounge chair for Taj

In the course of the studio, the final product was to be made by taking inspiration from  a natural object. For this project the object chosen was Pineapple. With thorough research upon the subject, a 2D motif was generated which intern led to the development of the final product i.e. the lounge chair. Key attributes of pineapple were taken and worked upon setting the context as well as the design of the chair. During the process, explorations were made through sketches, 3D models and physical models.

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Report Content

Pineapple- Research and Motif development

Patterns and Product Ideas

Context, User and Program study

Material study and process models

Orthographic drawings and joinery exploration

Exploded Axonometric and details

Connecting pineapple to the product- Metamorphosis and Physical model

Product and Contextual Renders