Pooja Dileshkumar Patel


Chana chowk

Chana chowk - A portable table for chana jor garam street vendors.The project is inspired from chickpea. A proper research was done to capture the essence of chickpea through 2D motifs and patterns. The context was finalized keeping the natural object in mind. In this case the project focuses on designing a portable table for chana jor garam street vendors. Keeping the context in mind various studies were done to understand how the existing product and context works together. According to the studies the design development happened. At the end the project is summarized with infographics.

Report Content

Research on chickpea

Development of 2D motif and patterns

Context study and user study

Design explorations and material study

Functionality of the product

Orthographic drawings

Colour, material and finish explorations

Product and contextual renders