Kathan Chauhan



The project started with choosing a natural object - Hermit Crab. Understanding the creature, extracting absolute truths about the same. Capturing the essence,  deriving motif, patterns and textures. Then choosing a context that best fits the selected element (Veraval), researching about the site, developing a problem statement and a big idea to narrow down the project. 
The next part focuses on execution - integration of the natural element functionally and aesthetically. Design development, Narrative, Contextual renders, product renders and infographics were the final outcome of this project.

Report Content


Motif extraction, patterns and textures

Site and user study - Veraval Fish market

Ideation and functionally achieving the product

Design Development

Technical Drawings

Narrative - how the product functions?

FInal context, product and space renders

Infographics - Inspiration and process of the project.