Zala Vibhakshi Viren



The studio started with selecting one object from nature as an inspiration. Here weaver bird's nest is the inspiration for the project. Upon doing research on the object and exploration we arrive at a motif and patterns which has the essence of the natural object. Key attributes of the nest played a major role in deciding the product and context. Seating provides ergonomic and Aesthetic seating that blends with nature. It should provide warmth and should be welcoming to people. There should be continuity in the form and should be placed in the direction same as the bird’s nest. The bird’s nest is very intricate and is continuous in its form the same way the seating element will have weaving patterns and the form will show continuity in itself. The user will experience the warmth of the nest. 

Report Content


Motif and pattern development, concept exploration

Program, context and user study

Form exploration

Color ,material and finish study

Technical drawing

exploded and details

product and context render

Product Infographic