Arpita Sharma



Aawas is located in the old city of Ahmedabad in Nansha Jivan Ni Pol. The family inheriting the home consists of a family of five, Dimple and Brijesh being the couple with two children - a nine-year-old Kabir and the studious Gia along with their dadi. The site opens to three sides - the main pol street, internal street and the Mandir located beside it. The Saptaparni tree on the site makes it rare speciality. Aawas has been designed by expanding the opportunities of the context along with the usage of salvaged elements.

Report Content

Ahmedabad old city through sketches

Deciphering staircase of Deewanji Ni Haveli

Adjacency and Family narrative

Design Process 1

Design Process 2

Ground Floor

First Floor


Section AA'

Section BB'

Project Video