Aryan Keswani


The Gada Family House

The intent of the project was to create a house for a family of five, in Nansha Jeevan ni Pol in Ahmedabad. A house that responds and celebrates the various nuances and the norms of the family. Keeping in mind the historical context and responding to the vernacular and pre-existing design language.  

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The process started with understanding the context and the site, and some pre visualisations about the quailities of a house in the old city

Understanding the vernacular elements of the old city helped in understanding the nature of opening and the connections

The planning started by laying out the various spaces and understanding their connections and layout. The next step was translating them into plans and detailing them.

On the ground floor is the Dadi's room

Firstfloor houses the chidren's bedroom, the Parent's bedroom with various spaces where they can interact

The terraces houses a trellis and a guest room

Terrace plan




Project Video