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Devika Unnikrishnan


Bombay Mills Warehouse Re-imagined as Backpackers Hostel

The aim was to convert one of the Bombay Mills warehouse, which is presently occupied by Synergy Lifestyle( designed by SJK Architects), into a Boutique hotel. The user type identified were backpackers, and hence it was envisioned as a Backpackers Hostel which houses an all day dining restaurant as well. The idea was to create a space that encourages interaction while providing each individual with their own privacy and space while being modular and easy to assemble on site. Materials were chosen by taking into consideration whether the additions  are structural or non structural (by using lighter materials).

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Report Content

Abstract Poster and Kintsugi Exercise

Concept and Zoning


Surface Exploration- Sectional Perspective 1

Surface Exploration- Sectional Perspective 2

Exploded Isometric

Product/ Room Exploration

Surface Exploration

Views of All day Dining and Lobby

Views of other Public Areas

Project Video