Faculty: Amber Dar wagh | Khushru Irani

TA: Ketaki Jadhav

Reprocess, Repurpose, Regenerate

With 1.5 billion people and extremely scarce resources, we have a challenging task at hand; to build for a young ambitious country without further destroying our world.

Businesses hit hard by Covid in 2020 resorted to large scale restructuring of planned expansions, resulting in generation of adaptive re-use projects that were once seen as green field. Disruptive as this process may be, it shall remain a constant companion to practice in the foreseeable erratic future

Culturally, we have always been a society that advocates conservation. In this context, renovation and reuse of buildings will represent an increasingly large part of design and construction. Adaptive re-use, in these situations, can offer significant social, sustainable, technical & economic advantages.

Students are expected to take up one of two pre-selected sites with compatible briefs, both with differing characters. Studio work shall move rapidly across scales with a clear goal of getting involved in and understanding design and construction issues of part and whole, while simultaneously weighing implications of decisions on values.

The entire process is closely observed and critiqued with an intent to design relevant, qualitative & successful interventions.

Studio Unit