H R Sunya


The Gaekwad Maharaja Museum

The Only Place that Solely represents the interests and achievements of the 'Maharaja Sayujirao Gaekwad III' of Baroda (Gujarat).
A Patron to Art & Education, a Visionary who has played a major role in  modernizing 'Baroda' as we get to experience today. 

This Museum is a gateway into learning about the life of the Maharaja. Apart from being a distant relative to the former Maharaja, his Journey & growth from being speculated as an illiterate Heir to becoming One of the most respected as well the most progressive Ruler in the history of Baroda.
Project Attributes: Adaptation, Insertion, Rehabilitation ( Alteration+ Additions) 

Report Content

Understanding Adaptive Reuse: Abstract Poster+ Kintsugi+ Key words_Sheet no.1

Site study+ Design Concept_Sheet no.2

Site Plan/ Ground Floor Plan + Zoning_Sheet no.3

Plans: Mezzanine Floor +Roof Plan_Sheet no.4

Elevation + Sectional Iso + Mood Board (Intervention)_Sheet no.5

Surface Exploration (CONCEPT+ OUTCOME)_Sheet no.6

Membrane Section (Inside Outside connection)_Sheet no.7

Product Detail (@ Gallery 4)_Sheet no.8

Views & Axonometrics_Sheet no.9

Views & Axonometrics_Sheet no.10