Dange Renuka Kundlikrao


The Maharaja Hotel

The project initiated by absorbing the understandings of "Adaptive reuse". The historic site of The Maharaja Saloon conveys emotion and personality. A honest approach to the build environment. A sense of history is experienced through the bare walls of the original with contrasting subdued smooth finish to the inner walls. The idea is to have a gesture that compliments the original with the design intervention. This is evolved into a boutique hotel that takes clue from the city. The canvas of design is thus painted with layers of nostalgia and remembrance of the past with a drive for the future.

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Report Content

Understanding terminologies of "Adaptive Reuse" + Kintsugi model

Site Understandings and Idea Generation

Concept and Project Brief

Space Planning

Surface Exploration

Membrane Exploration

Room typology + Volumetric + Structural Study

Room Exploration

Views + sectional perspective

Axonometric View + Overall Space