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Namraota Jain


Synergy Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai - Backpackers Hotel

Synergy Lifestyles office, Mumbai is housed in a former warehouse in the mill area Kalachowki. The first intervention took place in 1997 by SJK Architects. In 2015 a fire destroyed most of the interior, leaving behind the outer shell. Given a large influx of budget travelers in this city of dreams, a budget hotel is proposed in this office building. The hotel offers two types of room facilities-
1. Dormitories with individual sleeping pods 
2. Private double sharing room with a hint of luxury.To promote community engagement, common spaces like lounge, all-day dining, gym, workstations, 24-hour coffee bar are also given.

Report Content

Abstract Poster- Parasitism as problem solving tool | Kintsugi- Add, alter, play with the existing volume

Site Introduction | Concept Development

Floor Plans

Building Sections

Surface Exploration

Membrane Exploration | External Wall Section

Design Development | Dormitory

Room Detail | Drawings

Room Detail | View

Axonometric view showing overall scheme