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Tavishi Sharma


Shodhan House - A Retreat for Designers and Architects

Villa Shodhan is a space for people to Collaborate and learn.
Concept: I derived my concept through  Kintsugi. Which projects similarly ideologies similar to that of 'JUXTAPOSITION'. "Juxtaposition means an acts or instance of placing two things side by side, often to create a contrast or to create interesting spatial outcomes."   (concept derivation: Adding curves in spatial planning and furniture creating a visual threshold between my intervention & the existing)."In adaptive reuse- Juxtaposition is where old and new are distinct, however, share a close relationship. The purpose is to highlight the old through new. " (Concept derivation: Using materials in the given site structure and implying a much newer technology to them while integrating them in interiors).

Collaboration: Hotel Villa Shodhan has a library / Collaborative space on the ground floor and on roof top, which encourages the experienced designers to share their leaning and collaborate with young professionals and vis a vis. It further acts as a learning platform for all generations. 
Rooms: Some studio are equipped with a fully functional kitchen and work facilities, giving guests the flexibility to live in these room undisturbed for anything from one night to three months. Where as the others are rooms are designed for people who are here on shorter trips and are here to grasp the true essence of Hotel Villa Shodhan.

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Report Content

Concept Derivation: Abstract & Kintsugi

Target Audience and Room Typologies

Spatial planning & site surroundings

Sectional elevation highlighting various volumes,

Volumetric massing highlights the volumetric massing and the change in volumes after intervention.

Surface exploration : Flooring for the dining area.

Exploration with the skin of the building & the connection of the inside to the outside.

Dining Area- Interior detailing

Room Area- Interior detailing

Holistic view of the pool and garden view studio room.