Suhani Gupta


In the Trees - Villa Shodhan, Ahemdabad

In the trees is a boutique hotel, located in Ahmedabad. The hotel is an adaptive re-use project, where Villa Shodhan has been converted into a boutique hotel that would embody Corbusier’s modernism style with 5 unique suites. The perfect hotel for guests who don't just want to be part of the crowd and who want to create their own story. The hotel has been designed for people who are architecture enthusiasts, artists and have a keen interest in Corbusier’s design language. It was preferred to create an experience of visiting a house more than a hotel. Took the idea of creating spaces that celebrate the different layers and clearly highlight the new interventions instead of hiding the complexity of the original building. Providing varying levels of privacy, with a juxtaposition of open, semi-open & closed areas. The design focuses on the insert while respecting the very famous Villa Shodhan and working around the existing palette. For the interior scheme, the minimalist approach has been explored, De Stijl is actually quite accessible. Working with constraints of colours, vertical and horizontal line compositions, and strong asymmetricality to achieve pure abstraction. For full portfolio:

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Report Content

Understanding the terminology & concept of Kintsugi

Typology of rooms & Volumetric Analysis

Planning & site surroundings

First floor plan with part section details

Second floor plan with part section details

Floor plans & sectional elevations

Interior concept & ideation

Social Interactive spaces

Corbusier room specifications

Material & lighting techniques for the room