Nupoor Sunil Davey


DORO - A Boutique Textile Museum of Mumbai

This project is an extension of Mumbai's textile craft during the 1990s, when it was the central hub for textile mills and industries. It sparked a fashion revolution and freed and fulfilled the creative exploration and experimentation of textile workers from all over India. But with the change in textile scenario over the years its identity is long lost. With this project I intend to celebrate the culture and craft of the 1990s, by proposing a Boutique textile museum - DORO, in an industrial warehouse owned by Synergy Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. DORO is my humble attempt to respawn the long lost rural crafts and create public awareness for the same. It houses different exhibits which takes us through the journey and origin of cotton and silk textiles of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Also it gives the users an opportunity to experience the old techniques and methods. Its an attempt to blur the boundaries between the old and the new.

Report Content

Abstract Poster and Understanding Concepts of Kintsugi

Concept development & SWOT Analysis

Ground Floor Interior Layout

First Floor Interior Layout


Surface Exploration - Stained Glass Ceiling

Membrane explorations + Surface Exploration detail

Product Explorations - Exhibit A

Exploded view with cross section

Holistic View