Shah Harini Archit


A FLOCK : winding journey to nestle

Welcome to Flock, a dwelling breeding the idea of coexistence. It is a welcome space for birds, birders and bucks; a habitat bubble for interaction. Tucked among the edge of wetlands and grasslands of Velavadar National Park it aims to provide its users a journey from the dry grass to the wide waterbody. It takes you through a winding path by ramps, offering you to pause and spot the fauna around.  Such a journey gives opportunities to take in the environment around not only through openings but also during movement. It shelters stopovers as well as travelers with a keen eye of birdwatching. A sense of enclosure and an experience of being nestled is imbibed by the sensitive use of bamboo as the skin of the form to have layers of transparencies. The spaces stage a hide and seek relationship between humans and birds. The machan, encircling the babul tree, is the destination for birds and birdwatchers, a place to interact. For a better resolution of portfolio click here

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Report Content

Process: Site Impressions and manifesting them into abstract models

User, Intent and exploring path vs space relationships through models

Deriving concept through plan diagrams

Third level plan and layering of activites in Isometric

Story of evolution of skin through activities underneath

Layering of skin and spatial order in sections

Model views depicting the experience of space on different levels

Sectional perspective depicting activities on levels

Views potraying use of bamboo to provide a nested spatial quality

Project Video