Faculty: Shikha Parmar | Shweta Jain

TA: Silvi Panchal

Travellers Home

A traveller to a city becomes an explorer of time, space and culture. The legacy of generations is there to be discovered in its landscape, streets and built. Apart from the delights of a living culture of distinct customs, festivals, markets and the flavours of local cuisine which are there to savour, such travellers during the pause seek a warm abode which allows one to sink in the city sooner and lend possibilities to explore and connect to the place vividly.
The focus of this studio is to design a traveller’s home for a group of travel enthusiasts, embedded into this urban treasure house of memory and sensation. The design must provide both pragmatic shelter and more importantly an emotional experience as memorable as the city of which it is a part. Realising and later configuring the tangible and intangible qualities of spatial order in reference to the context is the key learning.
Reading, identifying and analysing the spatial elements that define the experience of the selected city is the major step initiating conceptualisation. The insights and attributes from the analysis of elements, act as a catalyst to the design process of a traveller’s home.

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Studio Unit

Design Interventions - Exploring roles of spatial elements

The Team - Glimpses of journey

Time line - Pedagogy - Context

Read - Record - Explore

Identify - Express - Make